Sprinkler Systems

One can only hope that Mother Nature will assist you in keeping your beautifully manicured property looking its finest.  Lack of precipitation, sun exposure and high temperatures can wreak havoc on your picturesque landscape design.

If you want to keep your property green and lush, an irrigation system will provide the solution to evenly and efficiently distribute water, maintaining desired results.

The irrigation technicians from
Spruce It Up- Scenic Designs will develop a system to ensure your property maintains its aesthetic appeal.

Even a well maintained irrigation system will need service and repairs from time to time. 
Spruce It UpScenic Designs affords our clients with the following additional services:

  • Openings:  At the start of the season our irrigation technicians will confirm watering schedules - ensuring your timer is operating properly, will activate all zones, check and adjust all sprinkler heads.  If a repair is needed, you will be alerted to the work required to get your system up and running at optimal performance levels.

  • Winterization:  At the conclusion of the season and before freezing temperatures move into the area your irrigation system should be winterized.  Winterizing your system includes removing all water from the lines which eliminates the risk of pipes, valve and sprinkler heads freezing and cracking.  The benefits of this service outweigh the costs of repair the following season.

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