Scenic Designs

Sod Installation

Some of our clients are looking to have a plush green lawn immediately.  If you fall into this mindset then sod is the solution to your lawn care woes.

Sod is a 10 square foot roll of grass, which can be installed at various times throughout the year.  Adequate soil is necessary for the root system to take hold.  Sunlight is needed to maintain proper growing conditions. 

There may be times when additional soil is required or when low lying tree/shrub branches may need to be removed to obtain the proper conditions for maturity to occur. 

Optimal growing conditions occur in the spring and fall, when temperatures are cooler and precipitation is at its peak.  It should be noted that sod can also be installed in the warmer summer months which would require an increase in watering to achieve desired results.

The first step in sod installation is proper ground preparation.  The Spruce It Up – Scenic Designs installers will remove any existing vegetation such as branches, debris, grass, moss and weeds. 

Since sod conforms to the surface below, any uneven dips or holes will remain.  Our sod installation staff will take the necessary steps to correctly grade your property, ensuring proper drainage and runoff.  During this phase topsoil may be needed to level off your property and as previously discussed, to assist in root system development.

After the property is graded our sod installers complete the installation process.  They will provide you with a watering schedule to use over the next three to four weeks, at which time you will have full use of the area.