Scenic Designs

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting allows you expand your entertaining options by making outdoor spaces usable at night.  It offers security, increases the value of your property and extends the time you may enjoy the outdoors after the sun goes down.

Spruce It Up- Scenic Designs we can customize a Landscape Lighting Package to enhance your landscape by highlighting its natural beauty and accentuating select points of interest within your design.  A wide variety of low voltage lamps are available to choose from.

When designing a Landscape Lighting Package, we use 12 volt LED fixtures for several reasons:

  • They can easily be hidden in your landscape design.

  • Fixtures can be stake-mounted allowing for ease of movement as the landscape changes.

  • Low-voltage fixtures pose no danger to you, your family or your pets and cost less to operate.

Various lighting techniques can be incorporated into your design to achieve the look you desire.

  • Up-Lighting creates dramatic effect by highlighting the beauty of trees, plants and architectural details.

  • Down-Lighting is used to illuminate a large area below, expanding your outdoor entertaining options.  Additional benefits of down-lighting add a level of safety and security to your property.

  • Moonlighting, the name says it all, lighting under the guise of moonlight.   It looks natural, while creating a shadow pattern of leaves and branches on the ground.