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Spruce It Up – Scenic Designs  brings over 35 years experience, combining nature and culture, to the landscape design industry.  

In our ever changing world we are faced with finding the proper balance between working, maintaining a household and finding time for family and friends.  The staff at Spruce It Up – Scenic Designs  works with our customers to develop a landscape design which is inspired by our customer’s day to day life allowing for balanced enjoyment. 

Allow us to meet with you to discuss some specific design ideas, whether you simply want to select a few plants, install a waterfall or create an entirely new landscape design.  Sometimes a single meeting is all we need to develop a design you will love!

Sun, shade and soil are taken into account to ensure your landscape design thrives.  One of the most important elements in landscape design is choosing the proper annuals and perennials.  Feel free to view our Picture Gallery for a sampling of some of the many options available.

Planting new trees on your property has its advantages; trees not only provide shade and clean air but they also help prevent soil erosion.  Planting a new tree or transplanting an existing tree into your landscape design adds to your property’s curb appeal and compliments the design.

Are deer prevalent in your area?  If so, be sure to check out our Deer Resistant page for information on a sampling of deer resistant plants.

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